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Shaping the Future of Energy Solutions

Discover our journey in revolutionizing power and automation, driven by innovation, sustainability, and technical excellence

Snow-covered solar panel farm and a wind turbine in a sustainable energy landscape.

Who We Are?

Leaders in Power and Automation Solutions

At Power Gridz, we are pioneers in the realm of power and automation solutions. With a strong commitment to innovation, sustainability, and technical excellence, we have earned our reputation as industry leaders. Our journey has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence, shaping the future of energy with a focus on cutting-edge technology and responsible practices. Explore our story and discover how we continue to make a meaningful impact on the global energy landscape.

Our Guiding Principles

Core Values for Excellence and Responsibility

Product Quality, Service Quality, Safe environment, Occupational health and safety, Innovation and Technology, Sustainability and Corporate Social responsibility

Our Vision

Driving Transformation in Power and Automation

To be a constructive leader in technology driven Power and Automation solutions

Our Mission

Dedicated to Empower Change in the Energy Sector

Deliver products and solutions that leads to a transformation in energy sector

Empowering a Sustainable Energy Future

Driving Innovation and Excellence Worldwide

Our brand adds value to the global commitment towards a Power Grid that cangenerate, transform, and distributeelectrical energy that is clean and green. We strive to introduce products and solutions that preserve the environment and make it a better place for future generations. We are currently working in the middle east and carry our vision to making impact on rest of the world.

We study, analyse, and designthe power system for its performance and capability. Our process automation and intelligent solution uses data to analyse, develop and optimize the power system for an effective transfer capability from source to its load.We have strong engineering capabilities in power system to design high, medium and low voltage control and protection systems.  

Our technical expertise and services includesengineering, design, system modelling, network studies, distribution of power system products, testing and commissioning of power system equipment, and various training programs. We work for power system generation, transmission and distribution in sectors such utilities, industries, oil & gas, with a prime focus on renewables and green energy. We are based in  the UAE and spread our services to Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Offshore wind farm with multiple turbines in a calm ocean under a clear sky

Commitment to Excellence

Fulfilling Sustainability with Global Standards

We are committed to our quality of services, speed and progression to achieve sustainability and believe in best industrial practices in accordance with international standards and local regulations

Our Clients

At Power Gridz, our success story is intertwined with the support and collaboration of our esteemed partners. Together, we forge a path towards a sustainable energy future.

Power Gridz’s expertise transformed our power systems. They delivered beyond expectations, optimizing our operations and enhancing efficiency. Their dedication to sustainable solutions aligns perfectly with our values.
John Smith
Reliable, innovative, and a true partner in our sustainability journey. Power Gridz’s comprehensive solutions have not only boosted our performance but also reduced our environmental footprint. We couldn’t be happier with the results.
Samantha Johnson
Exceptional service and training; Power Gridz sets industry standards. Their technical training programs have empowered our team, and their commitment to excellence in testing and commissioning is unmatched. A trusted ally in our success.
David Lee


What Our Clients Say

Our clients’ experiences speak volumes about the quality of our services and the trust they place in Power Gridz. Discover what they have to say about their partnership with us.